Anticipate Your Customer’s Actions With Torque

Momentum Labs’ AI reduces the guesswork of churn reduction. Torque’s advanced machine learning algorithm predicts your customer’s behavior and sends signals to act on.

Drive Momentum With Our Predictive AI

We’re ensuring you’ve got one less thing to worry about. Torque can predict changes in shopping behavior, impending churn, and lifetime value fluctuations that could threaten your revenue stream. To make sure you’re ahead of the curve, Torque will send you signals that suggest the best and most efficient way to get the customer back on track.

Thanks to strategic API integrations, you only have to press Send!

Torque Enables You To:

Be proactive with churn prevention; act on it before the customer!

Generate real-time upsell and cross-sell opportunities.

Build personalized, business-specific dashboards.

Take a deep dive into your insights–clustered, segmented, filtered, or unfiltered–it’s up to you.

The Momentum Labs Advantage

Increased Revenue

Signals help you make strategic
business decisions that will increase
profit and reduce churn


Side effects of good churn
reduction are improved customer
loyalty and satisfaction


Torque is your AI oracle, helping
you foresee customer
behavior–before the customer

Meet Torque,
Our Interactive AI

Helping you anticipate customer behavior

Real-time customer
behavior alerts

Customizable dashboard
to fit your needs

Interactive deep-dive
AI tool

web platform


Momentum Labs’ Torque has already proven its worth. More than 80% of a TELCO company’s customers were classified wrong, incurring significant capital losses. Using Torque, the company was able to redistribute its marketing resources, substantially boosting marketing ROI.

Torque’s Features & Advantages

Who Can Benefit
From Torque?

Whether you’re a small business or an enterprise-level organization,
Momentum Labs’ software will increase your revenue and decrease churn.

Empowering Everyone

Our technology empowers every role across the board with smarter decision-making insights, guaranteeing exceptional results

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