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How a retail chain of pet supplies increased their profitability and achieved additional KPIs with data insights

Zoo Center TLV is among Israel’s largest pet supply retailers, and is the first to implement Momentum Labs’ Torque within their software to reduce churn through personalized promotions offered by Torque’s signals. Acting on said signals has significantly increased Zoo Center’s revenue.


The Customer: Zoo Center TLV

Industry: Retail and eCommerce

Project Sponsor: Mr. Idan Blum, COO of ZooCenter TLV 

Solution: Torque by Momentum Labs

About the Customer

Zoo Center TLV is one of Israel’s largest retail pet chains, selling a wide range of products (food, accessories, hygiene and pet care products, grooming, laundry, food and veterinary advice) through physical and online stores.

According to research published by Globes, the leading financial newspaper in Israel, and conducted by the Brandman Institute Ltd, the pet market in Israel amounted to approximately €157 million in 2021. Compared to 10 years ago, dog owners have increased by 80%, those of house pets in general by 70%.

In Israel, the monthly expenditure on a dog amounts to an average of 38.96, with 29.51 for a cat, and 18.05 for other pets.


When the COVID-19 pandemic hit, most customers stayed at home and had more time to spend with their pets, and many families have adopted. As a result, the demand for pet products increased and diversified, with customers wishing to spoil their pets with toys, snacks, and more. Naturally, sales have increased, particularly online.

The Challenges

Tackle competitors in the market to seize growth opportunities

Understand if and which customers are loyal

Prevent loyal customers from going to competitors

Maintain relationships that migrated to digital channels

The Solution

Integrating Torque with Zoo Center’s CRM to build an accurate shopping behavior database to base prediction on.

The Pilot

The pilot began in July, 2021, and lasted three months. It took under a week to set Torque up and required no organizational changes. The database required for Torque included 6,000 loyal customers and their customer ID, details, purchased products, dates of purchase, and the amount spent. Torque produced immediate results.

The costs of this phase were managed through a preliminary agreement that covered out-of-pocket expenses, provided the client agreed to use their case as a reference. Once the pilot concluded, a multi-year contract was signed according to the price list.

About Torque

Torque is Momentum Labs’ cutting-edge Machine Learning prediction AI designed to empower businesses with the gift of foresight. Torque enables businesses to predict signs of churn and suggest the optimal way to steer customers back on track through real-time, actionable signals.

With Torque, you can:

  • Manage customer engagement, reduce churn, and optimize revenue
  • Improve your customer loyalty program with minimal overhead
  • Quickly learn to use the world’s leading churn-reduction prediction AI
  • Connect to your existing database in minutes
  • Wow your customers with personalized offers–they’ll never guess it’s algorithmic


The Result

Over the course of the pilot, Zoo Center’s churn rate drastically dropped, from 47% before Torque, to 24% after, and the turnover rate increased by 15%. These two factors have resulted in a significant increase in margin for Zoo Center after integrating Torque within their CRM.

About Momentum Labs

Momentum Labs is a software development company, offering solutions that are characterized by their innovative design and advanced technologies that enable effective big data analyses and actions. Our fields of expertise are predictive AI, machine learning, blockchain, and loyalty program tokenization.
All of our solutions are SaaS and configurable to accommodate the customers’ needs in any cloud environment, including AWS and Azure.

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