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Melis Altinoluk

Melis is an Industrial Engineer and holds a Master’s degree in Strategic Marketing and Brand Management. Melis has 14 years of experience in the industry. Melis is a Senior Marketing Consultant of æternity blockchain. Besides, her position has been an active crypto trader since 2012. DeFi, NFT systems, ML (Machine Learning) are her main focuses in these industries above. Melis has been selected as the most outstanding woman entrepreneur in Turkey.

Ian Taylor

Ian is an entrepreneur, with expertise and knowledge of the Blockchain space with solution expertise that bridges the on-chain sector with off-chain industry-specific SaaS solutions. A demonstrable record of success leveraging commercial vision with incisive direction to model start-ups from inception. Capacity for driving complex solutions underpinned by an aptitude for securing significant funding in support of profitable, customer-centric business solutions. Keen communication and interpersonal skills facilitate the maintenance of strong collaborative relationships and engender a leadership environment that is conducive to motivation, target attainment, and professional excellence.

Didi Taihuttu

Didi is an entrepreneur with more than 15 years of experience in different areas of IT. After selling three successful companies he built during the first part of his career, he stepped into blockchain and Bitcoin in 2013. After Didi went “ALL-IN” on bitcoin in 2017, he became an icon and inspiration for many people in the industry. By being part of many international documentaries and continuing to travel the world to network and speak at events, he gained a huge following in the Bitcoin and blockchain industry. Being a true philanthropist and revolutionary, he is determined to change the world!

Sander De Bruijn

Sander has an experienced professional with over 25 years of international experience in leadership, management, operations, sales, and marketing in start-ups, growing, and dynamic organizations. As an experienced professional he is perfectly capable of translating business visions into practical and effective action plans. Sander has implemented business optimization within various companies, both as an employee and as an entrepreneur.

Job Berg

Job is an executive search specialized in many vertices such as banking, merchandising, events, and marketing. Since 2001, his specialty has been marketing events and merchandising only, and since 2012 in his owner.

Stefano Carlo Longo

Stefano has held senior positions in leading ICT, software, and management consulting companies, with roles in the commercial, marketing, and consulting fields. Mr. Longo set up a career coaching firm with a partner, and co-financed and helped develop MobileBridge from which Momentum Labs is derived. Sectors of specialization: CPG, Retail, Automotive, Media, and Entertainment. Mr. Longo is currently Director of Partnerships at WEM and VP of Partnerships and Alliances for Momentum Labs.

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