The Web 3.0
Retention Standard

Master the art of loyalty and retention with Momentum Protocol,
a loyalty program on the blockchain!

Do it Your Way

Stand out from the crowd by creating a future-proof loyalty program on the blockchain with Momentum Protocol, the Web3 standard for loyalty programs. Our highly secure blockchain offers your customers so much more–digital and NFT rewards, full transparency (immutable!), and compliance with FINMA regulations.

Blockchain Benefits

Tradable assets with infinite interchangeability opportunities

Create any digital retention assets you’d like to offer customers

An easy-to-master dashboard helps you quickly get started

Immutable ledger for top-notch security and trust

The Momentum Protocol is a highly-secure blockchain infrastructure for brand loyalty programs–issue digital assets using Momentum’s proprietary MMTM token and improve customer retention! Your revenue will thank you.

Momentum Protocol’s Advantages

A blockchain with your customers’ loyalty in mind

Become a pioneer of tomorrow’s technology with Momentum's approach to loyalty and retention

Backed by Momentum Labs’ MMTM token, which is used to create assets on the blockchain

Quick and easy way to upload your loyalty assets to the blockchain

Engage your customers through a unique loyalty program that offers your buyers attractive rewards

Easy integration of our smart reward wallets with your white label app, or our own

Transparency - an immutable ledger offers the highest level of trust and security

What We Do

We’re here to speed up progress. Thanks to bleeding-edge proprietary prediction algorithms, Momentum Labs is flawlessly positioned to breathe new life into loyalty programs. The Momentum Protocol blockchain is the first of its kind, enabling brand-specific loyalty and retention programs with full transparency, high security, and smart, personalized rewards. 

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