The Team Behind the Momentum

Reinventing the definition of prediction

Momentum Labs is an AI intelligence software company that provides businesses with data insights focused on boosting revenue and reducing churn.

Our predictive machine learning AI and blockchain solutions work solo or in tandem to supercharge your business’ customer loyalty through actionable insights that increase revenue and decrease churn.

We are ML experts passionate about maximizing your revenues with the help of our advanced predictive AI. Reach your business’ maximum potential with Momentum Labs.

Boost your business’ Momentum with our cutting-edge software. “Accurate prediction algorithm” is the name of the game!

Momentum Labs was born out of necessity. We’ve noticed that promotions and retention campaigns are mostly grasping at straws––and failing more often than not.
Our goal is to make your customers feel like a personal touch was added to each and every interaction with them. Our R&D department set out to create a machine learning AI that accurately predicts the customer’s next action.

Our Vision

Eliminate the guesswork of making decisions with an easily accessible and highly-advanced prediction AI

Our Mission

Arm every business with crucial churn prevention and revenue boosting tools in the form of a machine learning AI

Our Story

Since our formation in 2019, we’ve grown to incorporate multiple ambassadors and communities in America and EMEA across many industries.
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Meet the Team

We are an international team of industry experts with a common goal: to develop a unique prediction AI for loyalty programs.

Ariel Luedi

Ariel Luedi

Chairman of the Board

Shlomo Cohen

Shlomo Cohen

Board Member

Michael Fridman
Alex Tolsteliov

Alex Tolsteliov

MarCom Manager

Stefano Carlo Longo

Stefano Carlo Longo

VP Partnerships & Alliances

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