The Importance of Being Customer-Centric

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In today’s webinar, a team from Momentum Labs:  Dana Eliyahu, Marketing manager;  Sander de Bruijn, Head of Business; and Stefano Longo, VP of Partnerships & Alliances, discusses the importance of being customer-centric to maintain loyal customers.

The consensus coming from the experts who took part in the podcast are outlined below:

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The Importance of Being Customer-Centric

Brands should leave the job of attracting new customers to their current loyal customers and upgrade them to ambassador customers. The steps to take in making your current customers into loyal customers is to give them a personalized experience and supply what they need for today and tomorrow. But in order for companies to satisfy the needs that the customer will have tomorrow, companies need to know what their customers of tomorrow will want. Using AI and other technologies, customers’ needs and behavior can be accurately predicted.

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Target Audience

Brands from all kinds of industries: Retail, eCommerce, Insurance companies, etc.

Titles: Sales managers, VP sales Brands wish to upgrade technologies and implement digital transformation.

Topics to be discused:

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