The MMTM Token and its Community

A strong token for strong loyalty programs

The Momentum Token

You’ve heard of loyalty rewards, but have you heard of loyalty rewards on the blockchain? You have now. Supporting Momentum’s vision of becoming the crypto-standard for loyalty rewards, the MMTM token is a central part of the Web3 marketing ecosystem. Have we mentioned that MMTM is one of the very few crypto tokens operating under FINMA regulations?

MMTM is a ERC-20 standard token based on the Ethereum blockchain, and is the new standard for blockchain-based loyalty rewards. Brands can use MMTMs to create assets on the blockchain that are interchangeable with assets issued by other companies using the MMTM crypto alliance. The MMTM token is regulated by FINMA, and complies with all of the required safety and security requirements. We have an amazing team of Momentum Ambassadors who promote the token’s widespread adoption with unyielding determination.

Momentum Protocol’s Advantages

A blockchain with your customers’ loyalty in mind

Become a pioneer of tomorrow’s technology with Momentum's approach to loyalty and retention

Backed by Momentum Labs’ MMTM token, which is used to create assets on the blockchain

Quick and easy way to upload your loyalty assets to the blockchain

Engage your customers through a unique loyalty program that offers your buyers attractive rewards

Easy integration of our smart reward wallets with your white label app, or our own!

Transparency. An immutable ledger offers the highest level of transparency and security

What We Do

We’re here to speed up progress. Thanks to bleeding-edge proprietary prediction algorithms, Momentum Labs is flawlessly positioned to breathe new life into loyalty programs. The Momentum Protocol blockchain is the first of its kind, enabling brand-specific loyalty and retention programs with full transparency, a high level of security, and smart, personalized rewards. 

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