Retain your loyal customers.

Increase the bottom line.

The cognitive loyalty and retention platform designed to increase your bottom line through customer happiness, from day one.

AI-Driven Loyalty Solution

Momentum Labs harnesses the power of Blockchain and AI (Artificial Intelligence) to help you better understand your customer behavior, predict churn before it happens, and prevent it.
Our AI driven loyalty solution enables you to identify lucrative customers and focus your resources on them, dramatically reducing expenditures.

With Momentum Labs loyalty solution, you can effectively create and manage loyalty programs designed for customer retention, engagement, and revenue optimization.

AI/ML Analysis & Prediction
of Customer Behavior


Effective tools
for understanding customer behavior


Smart allocation of
customers into value tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum) creating a clear picture for
investing resources


Identifying and
predicting customer behavior patterns, including early signs
of churn


Effective tools for automating custom communication with various customers for maximizing retention

What customers are your key revenue source?

Identify your most lucrative customers and realign your strategy

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Holistic Loyalty Management Platform

web platform

Custom dashboard with
BI/AI metrics and filters

Real-time notifications
on customer behavior

Rapid creation of
loyalty programs

Custom interchangeable
assets and coalitions engine


Identify wavering customers today

Secured with Blockchain Technology

Our loyalty platform is based on blockchain technology, which serves as a storage layer for the loyalty protocol. The blockchain layer enhances our solution with a high level of security and allows interchangeability of loyalty assets such as points and miles.

What customers are your key revenue source?

With Momentum loyalty solution, you can easily identify your valuable customers:

Boost Your ROI

In an insurance company, over 50% of the customers were classified as Platinum, providing the lion’s share of the revenue.

With this information, the company was able to allocate most of their resources on these key customers, and substantially boost ROI.

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