Knowing your loyal shoppers Increases the bottom line.

A shopper intelligence platform designed to unlock significant hidden revenue opportunities and prevent future loss from day one.

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Continuous future anomaly detection

Our shopper intelligence platform gives you the power to be preemptive to future shopper behavior anomalies that might pose a significant threat to your revenue stream.

Utilize our proprietary machine learning models to predict future shopper churn, LTV fluctuations, shopping pattern changes and much more.

Target emerging hero shopper clusters, allowing you to focus your resources on them to increase retention and maximize future LTV. 

Predicted future total shopper LTV is 

growing, with an expected growth of 10% 

95 shoppers are about to leave your brand 

with a potential equity impact of 43,000 USD 

There is a new shopper cluster emerging 

with unique behavioral characteristics

AI/ML analysis & prediction
of customer behavior


Effective tools
for understanding customer behavior


Smart allocation of
customers into value tiers (Silver, Gold, Platinum) creating a clear picture for
investing resources


Identifying and
predicting customer behavior patterns, including early signs
of churn


Effective tools for automating custom communication with various customers for maximizing retention

What customers are your key revenue source?

Identify your most lucrative customers and realign your strategy

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Management platform

web platform

Custom dashboard with
BI/AI metrics and filters

Real-time notifications
on customer behavior

Identify wavering customers today

Secured with blockchain technology

Our data platform is based on blockchain technology, which serves as a storage layer for the core protocol. The blockchain layer enhances our solution with a high level of security and allows interchangeability of data assets.

What customers are your key revenue source?

With Momentum, you can easily identify your valuable customers:

Boost Your ROI

In a TELCO company, over 80% of the customers were wrongfully classified, resulting in capital losses.

With the Momentum platform, the company was able to redistribute their marketing resources, substantially boosting ROI.

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