Supercharge your business with Torque, our easily-implementable solution that increases profits and decreases churn. Win-win.

Momentum’s Solutions


Predict customer behavior
at any scale

Use actionable, AI-powered signals to improve sales and increase revenue. Anticipate your customer's actions with Momentum’s revolutionary software.

Momentum Protocol

Blockchain infrastructure for
customer loyalty

Your blockchain-powered pathway into the world of customer loyalty. Build custom-tailored loyalty programs with our proprietary management tool.

Brand Advisor

Get personal attention for
your company

Your company’s personal AI advisor for everything related to customer loyalty. Get an evaluation of your brand’s loyalty program with a free trial!

Your Own Momentum Labs Experience

Anticipate, Act, Profit!

your data sources

Step 1

View automatically clustered and tiered data insights

Step 2

Get real-time retention
alerts and suggestions

Step 3

Act on your data sets!

Step 4

With Momentum,
You Can:

Why Momentum?


Our R&D teams have created powerful ML AI
models to provide insights for any business
through monitoring and detecting customers’
shopping predictive behaviors.

Best of all, WE do all the work!

Meet Torque,
Our Predictive AI

Helping you anticipate customer behavior

Real-time customer
behavior alerts

Customizable dashboard
to fit your needs

Interactive deep-dive
AI tool

web platform

Everybody’s Talking

We've had the chance to try Torque out, and it considerably boosted ZooCenter's revenue and client retention. The minimal effort required to integrate it to existing systems is a selling point not everyone can brag about.

Idan Blum

Owner of ZooCenterTLV


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Momentum Empowers Your Role With Smarter
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